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About Us

Hi loves! My name is Paige and I am the owner and creator of Alwaysx Beauty. Alwaysx Beauty was once only a dream. I have been a makeup and beauty lover for many years. I would spend hours watching tutorials and reviews on products trying to find the best deals. I live on a very limited income and when it comes down to it quality and affordability are right at the top of my list. It was upsetting to me living in Alaska that not only do we not have a lot of the top stores to buy from, but also when ordering online we are forced to spend sometimes close to 50% of products price on shipping! Alaska is in the United States people! It is ridiculous. So when I decided to start this company I wanted to make sure I provided just that- a product that was amazing quality, a price that was affordable, shipping rates that were reasonable, and a way to make the shopping experience as easy as possible!

Every detail, design, idea, and product has been meticulously and thoroughly developed by me! I hope you love it! Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

I am dedicated to making this the best product it can be.