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Manage Subscriptions

Portal Overview/Features
As a member of the Lashx Club you can manage and change your subscription details and account information from your login portal. The portal can be found under Lashx Club Login or by clicking here. Inside this portal you will have many features.
      • View upcoming payment dates
      • Manage Subscriptions
      • Add or change lash styles each month
      • Option to skip next box cycle
      • Manage payment info (add/remove/change card information)
      • Manage addresses and personal information
      • Review payment history
      • Cancel subscription

Dashboard Menu

On the customer dashboard you will see an overview of your next payment cycle as well as a calendar view with payment dates.

Subscription Menu

In the “Subscriptions Menu” you will be able to see all your active subscriptions and current billing period dates. From this page you will be able to press the red button next to the subscription ID and edit the subscription details. If the status of the invoice has been paid you cannot make changes. On upcoming invoices that are unpaid you can make changes before it’s processed.

Editing Payments and Shipping information

By selecting the red button again next to the invoice you will be able to edit your payment method and shipping address.
You also have the option of paying the invoice before your scheduled date.

Adding Promo Code

If you have an applicable promo code you can add in that code and apply their discounts to the open invoices.

Changing Lash Selections

With the Gold and Silver club memberships you have the option to edit and change your lash choices monthly.From the order summary tab you can delete previous selections and add in new selections.
Note: In the Gold Club you can ONLY select 4 lash styles, and in the Silver Club you can ONLY select 2 styles. The system will allow you to add more though. Please be aware that if you select more styles then allowed you may risk the chance of the order not processing on time.

Payment Methods Menu

In your payment methods menu you can add and change your default payment methods. Please be sure that all payment methods are up to date and not expired.

My Profile Menu

Inside the profile menu you will have the options to edit existing addresses, add new addresses and delete out of date addresses. All changes will be applied to future billings, so if the new address is temporary be sure to edit it once you have a permanent address.

Billing History Menu

Inside the billing history menu you will be able to view all past payment details and the next upcoming invoice. You will also see information like refunded payments, and invoice statuses.

Cart and Browse Menu

Currently you will not have any access to the cart and browse menu. If you would like to change your subscription plan please email us at .

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